July 8, 2022

Bloody Heels is a hard rock band from Latvia with Rotten Romance being the band’s third album following on from Ignite which came out in 2020 and the debut Through Mystery from 2017. The band hails from Riga having formed in 2012 and all have adopted Westernised names which suits the bands slant towards American hard rock in general and sleaze/glam in particular. Ignite showed a band with a party time approach to its delivery with lots of riffs and a most pleasing, accent free vocalist who sounds as though he could have fronted any Sunset Strip band from the ’80s!

Rotten Romance continues to fine work and, again, delivers perfect slices of highly infectious rock music which combines metal with the bump and grind swagger of Glam/Sleaze rock. In many respects, the band is from the same school as old stagers like the Stones and Aerosmith as they have a style that delivers fully formed rock with a smile and the formula works for them so why change it? Indeed, if acts like Skid Row, L.A. Guns and Motley Crüe regularly feature on your chosen play list then there is a lot here for you to admire and like. They have taken the glitz and glamour of the ’80s movement and aligned it with the guitar driven, riff heavy rock for today’s market which is a clever strategy as they score with the fans of retro rock whilst still being trendy enough for today’s street wise kids.

Bloody Heels has kept the same line-up which has given the boys continuity with a vitality and energy that comes from knowing each other so well and all deliver quality performances. Valts Berzins (Vicky White) has a great voice and drives the band onwards and upwards with Harald Avotins (Harry Rivers) offering up huge riffs and searing guitar leads without ever getting anywhere near to excess and he is obviously a major talent. The power is supplied by the bass of Gunars Narbuts (Gunn Everett) and drums of Gustavs Vanags (Gus Hawk) and together they ensure that White and Rivers are backed by a real wall of sound. The songs are well written with a great melodic base and the usual hooks to keep you entertained and singing along with them and just a couple of plays ensure that the songs stay with you and you fully appreciate the skill that has gone into writing and delivering them.

If you are in a pretty bad mood then just pop this in your player and the clouds will disappear and the smile will soon come back on your face. There is nothing new or world changing about Bloody Heels but they know how to delivery upbeat glam rock and how to enjoy themselves which means that you really should come to their party.

Rotten Romance

  1. Dream Killers (4:23)
  2. Rotten Romance (3:58)
  3. The Velvet (4:26)
  4. Distant Memory (3:47)
  5. Hour Of Sinners (4:52)
  6. Mirror Mirror (3:10)
  7. When The Rain And I Meet (4:13)
  8. Crow’s Lullaby (3:53)
  9. Burning Bridges (3:56)
  10. Angels Crying (4:26)
  11. Oblivion (4:27)