June 14, 2021

Frontiers Music have so many talented musicians on their books these days that just about any form of metal project can be put out by the label and they certainly seem to enjoy doing this as the projects keep coming thick and fast. The latest album sees the coming together of the two outstanding Brazilian metal vocalists Nando Fernandes and Renan Zonta. As usual, the quality of musicians behind the singers is incredible with Alessandro Del Vecchio as usual in superman mode with bass, keyboards and backing vocals with Jonas Hornqvist being world class on guitar and Michele Sanna on drums. This is no mere exercise in music as a backing band simply setting a stage for the two singers to shine upon as it truly does sound and feel like a real band delivering thrilling classic melodic metal and each musician offering the performances of their lives in the process.

However, I have to admit that this really is the Zonta and Fernandes show as both singers combine their incredibly rich, powerful and soaring voices in an orgy of heavy metal mayhem. They both have a touch of Dio in their delivery but they are not playing on this as they trade vocal for vocal as twin guitarists do with their solos and then they produce absolute magic when singing in harmony. I’m guessing that most of you will have an Allen/Lande album in your collection or will, at least, have heard one of their albums and this release is very similar given that both feature outstanding metal vocalists backed by superb musicians and if you like one then you are sure to like the other. If you are new to these singers then you can also hear Zonta with Electric Mob and Fernandes with Sinistra and both have made reputations for themselves back in Brazil and, surely, Brother Against Brother, will further cement their reputations as singers of the finest hard and heavy melodic rock. Both have voices that thrill with each having a long sustain that allows them to reach those critical high notes with so much power to spare and a bass register that punches you in the stomach like a heavyweight boxer. Again, the remarkable Del Vecchio gives us a reminder of his prodigious talents as a songwriter with the very fine songs he has compiled for the album and he has that very special talent of combining metal and hard rock with an underlying melodic streak that ensure easily accessible songs regardless of how heavy they are delivered.

You know the form by now, superb songs perfectly written and delivered by truly talented musicians with not one but two outstanding vocalists delivering hard and heavy melodic metal fit for the gods. Hopefully, this will not be a one off as it would be nice to see these two singers develop together but such is the equality of their voices that they are sure to be in great demand and I expect them to take similar career paths to that taken by the thrilling Ronnie Romero.

Brother Against Brother track list

  1. Two Brothers (3:58)
  2. What If (4:43)
  3. City Of Gold (4:19)
  4. Heaven Sent (5:44)
  5. Haunted Heart (3:49)
  6. Deadly Sins (3:54)
  7. In The Name Of Life (3:55)
  8. Demons In My Head (4:35)
  9. Whispers In Darkness (6:03)
  10. Valley Of The Kings (4:12)
  11. Lost Son (3:16)