April 5, 2022

As most will be aware, Chip Z’nuff (Gregory Rybarski) is a founder member of the American hard rock band Enuff Z’nuff which goes back to Illinois in 1984 and he is the only musician therefore to feature on all fifteen of the bands albums. For sure, some albums have been much heavier than others but I guess they would still fall into the hard rock category as they tend to deal in no thrills rock and roll with in your face, cleverly written songs that are delivered with authority. No long, extended solos or flights of fancy, they are a no mess band that hits you hard and then backs it up immediately with another concisely written 4-minute rock song. Chip began as the band’s bassist then added rhythm guitar to his duties and has been the lead vocalist since 2016 or the last three albums if you prefer.

Perfectly Imperfect is the second solo album by Chip Z’nuff following on from 2015’s Strange Time with Z’nuff singing and playing bass, guitar and Mellotron on all tracks with a couple of special guests helping out including Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) playing lead guitar on three songs, Daxx Nielsen (Cheap Trick) on acoustic drums on five songs with Daniel Hill (Enuff Z’nuff) on drums on four tracks and Steven Adler (Adler’s Appetite, ex-Guns ‘N Roses) on acoustic drums on just the one track. Chip Z’nuff has written all of the songs except for Heaven In A Bottle which was written with former Enuff Z’nuff colleague Donnie Vie and the album closes with a cover of Mott The Hoople’s Honaloochie Boogie.

The album quite understandably has a sound and feel of Enuff Z’nuff and if you have heard Brainwashed Generation or Hardrock Nite then you can definitely tell where this album has come from. The album is rock for sure but with a pop sensibility and all the songs are very user friendly and immediately welcoming with Z’nuff’s gentle vocals welcoming us into his world. The lyrics are clever and incisive, again, giving you an insight into his psyche with great hooks and a fresh, contemporary sound. The choice for a Mott The Hoople cover to close the album is inspired and I guess that Chip Z’nuff (along with so many other musicians) would definitely love to walk a mile in the shoes of the rock and roll legend that is Ian Hunter.

If you are a fan of Enuff Z’nuff and classic American rock then you will most definitely enjoy the latest release from the rock stalwart that is Chip Z’nuff.

Perfectly Imperfect

  1. The Church (0.49)
  2. Welcome To The Party (4:55)
  3. Doctor (I’m Going Down Can You Save Me?) (3:23)
  4. Ordinary Man (4:5
  5. Heaven In A Bottle (4:11)
  6. Roll On (3:58)
  7. I Still Hail You (5:44)
  8. 3 Way (5:24)
  9. Heroin (4:01)
  10. Honaloochie Boogie (3:07)