December 10, 2021

Cousin Betty is an indie rock band from Sydney in Australia and we recently covered the bands Left EP which showed a talented garage rock band with plenty of fuzz and distortion about their sound.

The brainchild of Damian Stofka, we now have the next instalment which sees another four short songs with a retro 60’s vibe and plenty of distortion applied liberally throughout the proceedings with all songs written about some interesting and very heavy themes and ideas ranging from cults through to James Bond!. Plenty of indie riffs and a fast delivery show a punk attitude to song writing and a Ramones style delivery – say what you want to say then move onto the next song.

I doubt you’ll hear the band on the radio but it would be fun to see them in some smoky little Australian drinking den.

Overs EP

  1. Laika (3:30)
  2. New Dimensions (1:56)
  3. Voodoo Vibe (2:20)
  4. Bass Witch (1:57)