June 22, 2022

The eclectic Dave Pen (surely the word eclectic was invented with Dave Pen in mind) may be better known to you a one half of the duo that is BirdPen as well as the singer and guitarist with the London based post-rock/progressive rock band Archive.

Pen recently released his first solo album with the somewhat bizarre title of Abran Wish & The Light Party on which he wrote, produced and played all of the instruments. His was an intriguing concept piece based around leaders of seductive but very dangerous cults. The accompanying videos were rather harrowing and it seemed that you could not tell where Pen ended and Abran Wish began. Please check it out as it is a brilliant work concentrating on the process of manipulation that enables how such control of those inducted into the cult itself is maintained and channelled. Just ensure you have a large, stiff drink on hand to steady the nerves afterwards. A genius for sure but there are obviously some personal demons that Pen has to keep a very tight grip upon.

In many cases The Week Ending Forever EP could almost be some sort of follow on as Penn decided, out of the blues, to write and record several songs which summed up his feelings, emotions and experiences throughout the crazy period when COVID prevented all of us from having a normal life. The six songs here were written and recorded in a crazy 2-day period with Pen channelling every ounce of emotion into the zeitgeist of the whole COVID experience and what you get here is a sneak peak into the sole of Dave Pen. Life over the last years has been a real struggle and we have all lost people who should still be here and you can tell that this has been a cathartic experience for Pen as he lays to rest some personal ghosts. You may think that this then would lead to a very gloomy and morose EP but that is far from the case as we do get a flavour of the issues affecting Pen but he has effectively buried them below some quite beautiful, ethereal and serenely lush compositions that are, paradoxically, upbeat and delightful.

Pen is an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve and he like to challenge too but if you listen to Roger Waters and Steve Wilson then maybe you should include Dave Pen and his bands on your playlist too.

The Week Ending Forever

  1. 10mg (4:32)
  2. Motorise (3:31)
  3. Song For The Birds (1:58)
  4. F.R.H.G (3:42)
  5. Life Is But A Screen (4:10)
  6. All Of The Time (2:18)