February 28, 2022

DAYS IN THE ABYSS Is a dark ambient project of multi-instrumentalist Craig Rossi from Sayreville New Jersey. Craig is also the vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist of the melodic doom/death band Drift Into Black. Being a keyboardist for about 27 years Craig thought it was time to explore the ambient genre. A genre he has admired since the start of his musical journey. “I’m a huge fan of movie scores/soundtracks so I wanted to go into this genre by creating ambient tracks with song structure.”

DAYS IN THE ABYSS will be a series of 5 song EPs that chronologies the journey of a small intelligent probe drone that was sent to an uncharted planet to collect data. It loses contact with it’s home planet and lives the rest of it’s “life” exploring the unknown world. Through it’s journey it uncovers some very dark places, and learns that it may not have been the first one to visit…..and it may not be alone as well. The very first EP is entitled HERE FOREVER and 5 animated videos were also created for each track on the debut EP. “I’ve been a video editor for quite sometime now so I started out by creating this animated video made up from stock footage. Before I knew it I had two videos completed so I just decided to create animated videos for all 5 tracks” Craig said.

Craig Rossi‘s approach to the ambient genre weaves from light and airy to dark and abysmal. With the use of multi layered synths both digital and analogue the level of depth will make you feel as if you are on this journey as well. Craig also incorporates some very lush guitar and lap steel passages/nuances throughout the Here Forever EP. DAYS IN THE ABYSS also features violinist Ben Karas (Windfaerer) whom provides his electric and acoustic violin expertise throughout the last track of the EP. The songs are structured and fit the mood according to each moment within the journey.

Here Forever is due out April 22nd on all streaming platforms.

Days in the Abyss is produced, mixed, and mastered by Craig Rossi.

Artwork by Alex of Mayhem Project Design.

Here Forever

  1. Day 1 – The Golden Horizon 
  2. Day 2 – Within the Sand Storm
  3. Day 3 – Frost 
  4. Day 4 – The Lost City 
  5. Day 5 – Oxygen