March 19, 2024

Another new name to me but this German thrash metal band with a touch of hardcore has been around for quite some time since forming in 2007 and they developed their skills before releasing the debut Violent Demolition in 2012 and now we have record number five in the very appropriately titled Sound & Fury.

The group was formed by four long-time friends and there has been just the one change in personnel since the beginning and now line-up with Lenny Bruce on vocals and guitar, Florian Dehn on guitar, Nico Remann on drums with the relative new member being bassist Tom Liebing who came onboard in 2022.

Sound & Fury is an aggressive thrash album with just a touch of industrial grindcore giving the band a rather unique sound making them stand just a step outside the more tradition thrash territory. The sound is heavy on riffs and furious bass and drums giving them a real eclectic sound but a cursory listen to their earlier albums shows that the latest release is a touch more hardcore with something of a groove-based electro beat which may alienate some of their longtime thrash metal fan base but bands have to grow and develop and this is exactly what we are seeing here.

Dust Bolt close the album with the down-tempo ballad Little Stone which is more subdued than anything else on the album and may come as something of a surprise. Sound & Fury still rocks big time but is just a little different to what has gone before and it will be interesting to see what the fans make of it.

Sound & Fury

  1. Leave Nothing Behind (4:11)
  2. I Witness (3:53)
  3. I am the One (3:26)
  4. New Flame (2:18)
  5. Burning Pieces (3:35)
  6. Sound and Fury (4:54)
  7. Love & Reality (4:30)
  8. Bluedeep (1:25)
  9. Disco Nnection (4:15)
  10. You Make Me Feel (Nothing) (5:18)
  11. Feel the Storm (4:01)
  12. Little Stone (3:58)