June 15, 2021

A name new to me but FarCry is an American melodic rock band which was formed in 2006 and is, apparently, from ‘North-eastern’ United States; now I have looked at a map of America and it is quite large so a little more detail on location would have been appreciated! However, I suppose location in this case is immaterial but was does matter is that Balance is now their third album following on from High Gear in 2009 and Optimism in 2011, neither of which have I heard. They normally tour just the States but did make it to Firefest in Nottingham in 2012 where they kicked off day three and played, by all accounts, a very good and entertaining set with guitarist Peter Fry particularly standing out with his all action and high energy playing.

It seems that the band has something of a history with vocalists and they seem to have changed on a regular business and then, in 2013, Fry disbanded FarCry due to other work commitments and that was supposed to be that for the band but, as often happens, Fry then resurrected the unit several years later after bringing in the exciting new singer Bob Malone. It seems that it proved difficult to get the old band back together so Fry set about recruiting a new team with Leo Sabatino coming in on bass, Rich Yaniro on drums and a second guitarist in Jon Giesler. Balance was recorded during 2019 and 2020 and is fairly typical glossy and slick American AOR/melodic rock but with balls of steel. Yes, there are sumptuous ballads but also plenty of occasions when the two guitarists open up and then the band flirts with hard rock territory but all is within the usual hook laden and melodic framework set down for AOR.

There is a most definite ’80s feel to the band and that is quite deliberate so they are probably more of an REO Speedwagon type band that, say, Journey but they are most definitely a superior AOR band. All of the musicians are involved in some form of backing vocals so there are lots of vocal harmonies going on over which there are plenty of delicious twin guitars in harmony that also moves the band into Boston territory and the new singer is an absolute delight with his power and range. If you are looking for a new name to deliver your 80’s superior melodic rock fix then you need look no further than FarCry. Resurrecting the band has quite obviously been one of Peter Fry’s better decisions!

Balance track list

  1. Balance (3:52)
  2. Stay Away (3:45)
  3. I’ll Find A Way (4:07)
  4. I Am Your Man (5:03)
  5. Reaper (4:55)
  6. Broken Dreams (4:27)
  7. Long Distance Love Affair (3:52)
  8. Mr. Destiny (4:19)
  9. Chasing Rainbows (5:43)
  10. Redemption (3:40)