March 25, 2023

Flickertail is a heavy rock band from Sydney and is something of an Irish-Australian outfit that takes the fire and passion often founds in bands from Oz and merges it with the dexterity and sheer infectious enthusiasm found in the music from the Emerald Isle.

The band has released several EPs and each shows an indie themed rock band with a flavour of acts like the Arctic Monkeys, The Darkness, Kaiser Chiefs but mainly Thin Lizzy with their harmonious, melodic twin guitar attack and Lynott styled vocals. Clever and incisive songs and an upbeat delivery makes Afterlife another delightful EP from this upwardly mobile band and the debut album is eagerly awaited. This five track EP was recorded live in the studio and is only available on download so should be available from a modest price from all platforms and should definitely be checked out as the band has much to offer – an enthusiastic, killer rock that is exciting and which beautifully showcases their incendiary sound that will thrill in the live environment especially with the truly exciting guitar interplay.

Check out Heroes which is a cover of the famous Bowie track delivered in a style not a million miles away from a youthful U2 so there is much here to admire and enjoy.


  1. Evidence of Life (4:06)
  2. Heroes (4:16)
  3. Anything You Like (3:39)
  4. Small Town BBC Murder Mysteries (4:06)
  5. Don’t You Let Me Let You Down (3:16)