October 19, 2020

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and truly let yourself go. So when this new download came in from the intriguingly named Gypsy Pistoleros. I have to admit that I was rather curious to give it a whirl, especially when the album is called The Greatest Flamenco Glam Sleaze Band Ever which is genius marketing whichever way you look at it. Now I am partial to a bit of sleaze/glam rock but spent some time trying to get my head around the concept of it being flamenco based but then, who doesn’t like a bit of flamenco or mariachi?

In any case, just forget the title, switch of any preconceptions you have and sit back or even get up and dance (in a punk way of course) for 75-minutes of truly crazy and absolutely bonkers mad but utterly brilliant rock music that puts the biggest grin ever on your face, ever! So, the Gypsy Pistoleros play a music that should not be and I’m wondering what sort of tequila frenzy led to someone coming up with the plan to create a group that mixed sleaze, glam and punk with flamenco influences and all things Spanish and even Mexican?

Anyway, it happened and there is a definite market as the longevity of the band proves. The band came to fruition in 2005 and, according to the publicity, the band was born somewhere between Birmingham and Barcelona but I suspect it was much closer to ‘Brum’ than the Catalonian capital and the last fifteen years have been high octane years of crazy tours and even crazier records inspired by band leader Gypsy Lee Pistolero aka Lee Mark Jones. It was actually in Zaragoza that Jones came up with the idea for the band during crazy tours supporting Motorhead and The Ramones and I’m not sure how anyone could keep their sanity working, touring and drinking with those two bands! Jones is a most clever artist indeed and also has a hit one-man show called A Rock n Roll Suicide! Still Alive? which is his autobiographical story about his life as a ‘nearly never was Rock Star’, and it sounds like it is a must see show.

The current line-up for the band is intriguing and will, perhaps, surprise some with Gypsy Lee Pistolero on vocals, Mark Westwood (Shadowland, Clive Nolan, GLP) on guitar, Ian MacDonald Walker on bass, Jan Vincent Vellazo (Pendragon, Ghost, PIG) on drums and Kris Jones on trumpet & horns, so a couple of interesting names there! This is actually another compilation from the band and sees eighteen tracks delivered furiously but expertly of great, fast and furious sleaze tunes with the obvious Spanish influence there for all to see and hear. The tracks are a very mixed and diverse set of songs with numerous interesting surprises and some covers that you thought would not work at all. Trust me, this is a much better album that you would ever imagine and is really great fun and simply waiting for a party to be played at.

If you are of the opinion that it falls into the comedy section then you can forget that as the vocals and guitar are something else and the track ‘Sangre Till Dawn’ is as good a rock song as you will ever hear, give it spin and I’ll sure you will find plenty here to enjoy.

The Greatest Flamenco Sleaze Glam Band Ever! track list

  1. Ay Que Dolor (3:23)
  2. Pistolero, Pistolero (4:12)
  3. Last Of The Jet Boyz (3:18)
  4. Mangi (Prince Of Thieves) (3:50)
  5. What’s It Like To Be A Girl (In The House Of 1000 Dolls) (3:37)
  6. Una Para Todos Es Bandido (4:17)
  7. Livin’ La Vida Loca (3:40)
  8. Chicas Peligrosa (3:30)
  9. Chica De La Luna (4:16)
  10. The Crazy Loco Loquito (4:18)
  11. Close As You’ll Ever Be (3:12)
  12. Wild, Beautiful, Damned (3:46)
  13.  Sangre Till Dawn (8:28)
  14. Los Suenos De Los Muertos (4:18)
  15. Livin’ Down With The Gypsies (5:16)
  16. Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves (2:42)
  17. Wild Is The Wind (4:53)
  18. Forever Is Para Siempre (3:54)