February 11, 2021

Everybody’s favorite workaholic Trevor Church returns with yet another full-length release from Haunt, just a few months after Flashback, which came out last June. Titled Beautiful Distraction, the fourth proper album from Haunt, once again puts on display the band’s greatest strengths. This is an encapsulation of Trevor’s DIY ethos and his passion for true, old school, pure heavy metal, but I think the new album is a step up from Flashback. The riffs seem more inspired and catchy and overall the new album sounds more powerful.

Sea Of Dreams and A Fool’s Paradise are both reworked versions of the songs featured on split singles with Fortress and Seven Sisters from 2019 and sound as good as I remember them. Hearts On Fire is also a new recording of the original, featured on last year’s Mind Freeze, and this new version is just better and with more “bite”, which I cannot say of another new version – It’s In My Hands (originally on If Icarus Could Fly). The remaining six new songs on Beautiful Distraction  are all excellent headbangers, with Fortunes Wheel and Keeping Watch being the best of the bunch. As I already mentioned, the guitars sound “meatier” and the sound production is also a development since last year.

If you don’t invest more time and attention, sometimes Haunt might make an impression of treading on one place, but this is not the case, believe me. With each new release, the vision of Trevor Church is displayed in a better and more complete way and this can easily be proven when you play the albums back to back. Beautiful Distraction is another example of good music, played from the heart, which once again makes this crazy world just a little bit better. In these hard times, true, dedicated artists like Haunt, deserve your respect and support more than ever.

9/ 10

*The album’s expected release date is April 2nd and pre-orders will start on March 5th. Keep checking their Bandcamp for more details

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