March 20, 2023

Swedish melodic hard rockers House Of Shakira will release a new album entitled XIT‘ on 19th May, a record that maintains a reputation for being one of the most consistently unique acts in their genre over a three decade plus career. A single and video for the song Something In The Water is available from today.

Originally known as The Station, the group formed in Stockholm in 1991. Changing their name because the local record label The Record Station thought it was too close to their own, their chosen moniker came about when a magazine ran a contest to have their readers pick it. A reader suggested House Of Shakira after various newspapers had written about a London-based boutique that turned out to be a brothel using the sale of clothes as a front. The band loved the name and have always thought it a neat metaphor for something that is not what it seems. It also fits with their music not being what would typically be deemed ‘melodic rock’.

XIT follows a 25th Anniversary reissue of the band’s debut album Lint in 2022.


  1. Something In The Water
  2. No Silver Lining
  3. Toxic Train
  4. Your Exit
  5. Too Much Love
  6. The Messenger
  7. Twisted Attitude
  8. Nowhere Bound
  9. Chimera
  10. Hell Or Heaven
  11. Xit

Andreas Novak – vocals
Mats Hallstensson – guitars, vocals
Anders Lundström – guitars
Per Schelander – bass, vocals
Martin Larsson – drums