March 20, 2023

Fallen Sanctuary is a new melodic power metal band which features the combined talents of Austrian vocalist Georg Neuhauser of Serenity fame and the Italian guitarist Marco Pastorino known for his work with Temperance and Terranova is the band’s stunning and fully formed debut release. The group is completed by drummer Alfonso Mocerino who left temperance and the beginning of this year and bassist Gabriele Gozzi.

Collectively, the musicians have a wealth of talent particularly in the power metal arena so it should come as no major surprise that this is a fast, furious yet beautifully melodic power metal album which is a logical extension/continuation of the music of Serenity and Temperance. The songs are big, epic and all-encompassing with Neuhauser laying down what could very well be the template for power metal vocals with a delicious delivery that is so controlled yet intoxicatingly powerful that it is almost frightening. We all know just how good a guitarist Marco Pastorino is and he lays down some blistering guitar without descending into excess but when he opens up you can almost feel the electricity in the air. Morcerino and Gozzi are perfect foils as they buckle down and keep the behemoth driving forward whilst the guitars and vocals are in full flow making this one hell of a power metal tour-de-force.

Fallen Sanctuary combines the very best of Temperance and Serenity (as should be expected) as well as heavyweights such as Edguy, Helloween, Dragonforce and Firewind and do not be too surprised if the name of Fallen Sanctuary soon becomes mentioned in the same reverential tones as those great bands. The lyrics are clever and incisive with a story to tell plus there is plenty of melody throughout and even a power ballad or two but it is when the throttle is fully engaged that you feel the full force of this new, vital and exhilarating band.

Terranova is a mature and exciting rock album and if Fallen Sanctuary are this good so early in the life of this new project then it is almost frightening to think what else they have in the locker!


  1. Terranova (4:13)
  2. Now And Forever (4:51)
  3. Broken Dreams (4:13)
  4. Rise Against The World (4:54)
  5. To The Top (4:16), Destiny (4:41)
  6. I Can’t Stay (3:43)
  7. Trail Of Destruction (4:35)
  8. No Rebirth (3:53)
  9. Bound To Our Legacy (4:24)
  10. Wait For Me (Bonus track (4:26)