February 20, 2023

The latest Iron Savior release is a compilation of the band’s earlier material but each track has been rerecorded for this special release which is the companion piece to Reforged – Riding On Fire which came out in 2017. Yes, both albums feature a set of songs that were previously available on the band’s earlier albums which may lead the cynics may say that this is another example of record companies cashing in on back catalogues but both releases are so much more given that they have been totally re-recorded and as such are very much ‘new’ versions of well-loved songs.

The idea behind the project was that the first five albums were no longer available and could not re-released due to legal reasons. Thus, the logical action was to go into the studio as record selected highlights from those early albums which led to the impressive and expansive double album that is Reforged – Riding On Fire with 19-tracks for over 90-minutes of music. The album was very well received by the fans and the band has now chosen to re-visit the project which has now given us another 23-tracks with an impressive running time of 120-minutes of metal mayhem.

For those new to the name, the band was formed in 1996 by the multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer Pielt Sielck with Kai Hansen (Helloween) and Thomen Stauch (Blind Guardian) being a power metal band with a science fiction theme with stories and tales built around a self-aware spaceship (the Iron Savior) and the myths based around the lost lands of Atlantis. They have released 11 albums or 12 if you include Megatropolis, the 2007 which the band re-recorded and released in 2015 as Megatropolis 2.0, which is most probably where the idea of Reforged – Riding On Fire came from. The band is power metal but with a touch of speed metal which makes for a big, big sound which is derived from the rock giants Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Helloween and Blind Guardian and is full on metal built around power, majesty and might and just a touch of the glorious, over-the-top excesses of power metal.

There has been line-up changes over the year’s, most particularly with the departure of the one and only Kai Hansen in 2001, with Piet Sielck now the only remaining original member but he is and always has been the voice of Iron Savior and is a guitarist of repute too. The current line-up sees Sielck (vocals/guitar) teamed with Joachim Küstner (guitar), Jan S. Eckert (bass) and Patrick Klose (drums) and it is great to report that Kai Hansen came back to play and sing his original parts and there is even a guest solo from Sielck’s godson Tim Hansen so there is a definite family theme in the whole enterprise.

Fans – and there are very many – will love this chance to hear updated versions of old classics and if new to the band then this is a great place to begin your education on one of power metals greatest bands. Amazing songs given a new lease of life and enough crazy metal to blow the roof off your house so be careful with the volume control!

Reforged – Ironbound

  1. Children of the Wasteland (4:50)
  2. Protect the Law (4:17)
  3. Starborn (4:38)
  4. Deadly Sleep (5:12)
  5. Forces of Rage (5:51)
  6. Brothers (Of The Past) (4:42)
  7. The Battle (5:48)
  8. Unchained (6:09)
  9. Seek and Destroy (3:45)
  10. Solar Wings (4:34)
  11. Made of Metal (6:56)
  12. Predators (3:53)
  13. Firing the Guns (4:43)
  14. Back into the Light (5:50)
  15. Ironbound (5:23)
  16. Paradise(5:50)
  17. Thunderbird (7:20)
  18. Tyranny of Steel (4:27)
  19. Riding Free (5:16)
  20. Starchaser (4:28)
  21. Living on a Fault Line (5:55)
  22. Crazy (5:08)
  23. Sweet Dreams (4:18)