November 22, 2021

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the forthcoming release of the new album by progressive metal outfit LALU. Entitled Paint The Sky, it is out on 21st January 2022. A first single and accompanying video for the song The Chosen Ones is available now and features guest appearances from Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater and Simone Mularoni of DGM.

Founded in 2004 by the French composer and producer Vivien Lalu, son of Noelle and Michel Lalu of ’70s progressive act Polène, Paint The Sky is the third album by LALU (but first with Frontiers) and is their most accomplished effort to date. Growing up surrounded by progressive music, Vivien had always wanted to make an album in this vein and brought in new lead vocalist Damian Wilson (Arena, Headspace, Threshold) for this purpose. The main line-up for Paint The Sky is rounded out by drummer Jelly Cardarelli and Joop Wolters on guitars and bass, while additional guests include Alessandro Del Vecchio, Alex Argento, Gary Wehrkamp, Jens Johansson, Jordan Rudess, Marco Sfogli, Simon Phillips, Simone Mularoni, Steve Walsh, Tony Franklin and Vikram Shankar.

The 2005 debut album by LALU, Oniric Metal, had been well received and marked a new chapter for Vivien in his quest to create mind-expanding, cinematic music, while its 2013 follow-up Atomic Ark featured a star-studded line-up that included vocalist Martin LeMar, bassist Mike LePond (Symphony X), guitarist Simone Mularoni (DGM) and drummer Virgil Donati (Planet X, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth. Additional contributions came from Jens Johansson (Stratovarius), Joop Wolters, Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie), Mike Andersson (Cloudscape) and Peter Wildoer (James LaBrie).

A short live tour in spring 2014 featuring a line-up of Martin LeMar, Mike LePond, Simone Mularoni, Virgil Donati and Joop Wolters culminated in the live recording of the final show in Amstelveen, Netherlands and was released as Live at P60 in June 2015. Paint The Sky now marks the latest instalment in the ever-evolving musical odyssey that is LALU.

Paint The Sky

1  Reset To Preset
2  Won’t Rest Until The Heat Of The Earth Burns The Soles Of Our Feet Down To The Bone (ft. Jens Johansson)
3  Emotionalised
4  Paint The Sky (ft. Steve Walsh, Tony Franklin, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Jens Johansson, Gary Wehrkamp)
5  Witness To The World (ft. Marco Sfogli)
6  Lost In Conversation (ft. Jens Johansson)
7  Standing At The Gates Of Hell
8  The Chosen Ones (ft. Jordan Rudess, Simone Mularoni)
9  Sweet Asylum
10  We Are Strong
11  All Of The Lights (ft. Vikram Shankar)
12  Paint The Sky [Instrumental] (ft. Tony Franklin, Simon Phillips, Alex Argento)

Damian Wilson – vocals
Jelly Cardarelli – drums
Joop Wolters – guitars, bass
Vivien Lalu – keyboards

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