July 2, 2021

One of the advantages of having a label with so many quality musicians and all with a similar rock remit is that you can mix and match endlessly as you search for that ‘new’ sound or, if you are happy with the term, the next ‘supergroup’. Frontiers have always been keen on projects and why would they not be with so much talent at their disposal and a roster of vocalists to die for.

Photo: Robert Frankó RobeDroid Photography

Last month, it was the boys turn with the thrilling Brother Against Brother and now the baton has been well and truly passed on to the ladies with the pairing of the Finnish sirens Noora Louhimo of Battle Beast and Netta Laurenne of Smackbound. Both have been picking up rave reviews for their performances and were equally as impressive on the recent Heart Healer metal opera by Magnus Karlsson. This new album is a collaboration then between two powerhouse vocalists and they have produced a tremendous melodic heavy metal album that truly rocks big time.

Hopefully, this will be more than a one-off project because there is definitely chemistry between the two vocalists and they trade power vocals with so much ease and class. The music is equally delicious with the mercurial musician and producer Nino Laurenne showing just why he is rated just so highly as a guitarist and his skills are equally displayed with his other bands Thunderstone and Hevisaurus with whom he records under the genius name of Riffi Raffi. His huge riffs and solos are the scenic backdrop to the story that the girls are painting with the vocals that can match the elemental forces of thunder and lightning for power and intensity. Drums are courtesy of the hard working Sampo Haapaniema who ensures that the beat and the heat is kept as intense as possible to guarantee that this is one melodic rock album that never descends into anything that hints at a saccharine mellowness. Yes, for sure, there are a couple of slower paced ballads but these are all delivered with an underlying power and intensity which ensures that you know exactly when all hell is going to break loose again as the band suddenly puts its collective foot on the gas. There is an additional factor as to why the band works so well together as Netta Laurenne is married to guitarist Nino and they have also written the material for the album so there is a special togetherness about all of the musicians and this shines throughout all of the tracks. The combination of the two girls is a true marriage made in heaven as they work so well together and the energy they both possess is phenomenal as I’m quite sure they have enough power to raise the dead! The album is hard and heavy yet maintains all of the melody that you need with vocal harmonies that are simply genius and the songs are sublime, perfectly written and delivered.

If you are a fan of female fronted metal bands then you are going to be blown away by this pairing as The Reckoning is an essential album. If female fronted rock bands are not your thing then so be it but you really should give Laurenne/Louhimo a try as these girls have the talent, songs and voices to ensure you change your mind. This is an album that is quite simply triumphant; buy, listen, fall in love.

The Reckoning

  1. Time To Kill The Night (3:54)
  2. The Reckoning (2:56)
  3. Tongue Of Dirt (4:02)
  4. Striking Like A Thunder (4:36)
  5. Bitch Fire (3:55)
  6. Hurricane Love (4:33)
  7. To The Wall (4:31)
  8. Viper’s Kiss (3:36)
  9. Walk Through Fire (3:44)
  10. Dancers Of Truth (7:14)