June 3, 2024

Twelve years into their career, Chileans Lucifer’s Hammer continue to deliver some really amazing classic metal. Their new and fourth full length release Be And Exist is no exception, coming out in ten days via Dying Victims Productions in various formats. The style of the band is heavily influenced by DiAnno-era Maiden, Angel Witch and Tokyo Blade with sweet double-guitar harmonies and fantastic melodies. The core of the band of Titán (drums, bass), Hades (vocals, guitars) and Hypnos (lead guitars) has remained solid since the first album, with only Tyr joining the band in 2020 for previous album The Trip.

The new album contains seven songs and two short intros and it once again delivers in spades. Actually, I will start with my only minor remark which is that the sound level of these mentioned couple of intros is a lot higher than the rest of the songs, but that’s not a thing to change my praise for this fantastic album. The sound is really authentic, with every single song oozing with spectacular guitar work and hum-along choruses. Real Nightmares is a straightforward uptempo rocker, while Glorious Night and Son Of Earth add some darkness and epic nuances to the musical palette. The Fear Of Anubis starts with a long instrumental section right off the Kevin Heybourne rule book, before entering old school Maiden worship mode. This is the type of compositional approach I personally miss a lot in the new millennium Maiden and Lucifer’s Hammer are here to fill exactly that void. The title track is another prime example of these guys’ compositional talent and absolute command of their instruments, with a touch of melancholy and mystique in the verses. The band’s greatest strength is in its capability to craft memorable songs that demand repeated listens and that actually is the hardest thing to achieve by 90 percent of the new bands playing old school metal. Be And Exist is an album that deserves a place in each and everybody’s collection, because it’s not a mere replication of old classics but a piece of high quality metal in itself.

The growth of Lucifer’s Hammer since their debut album is astonishing and I am sure they are yet to compose and reveal their best music. For now, Be And Exist stands proud shoulder to shoulder with the best classic metal releases so far in 2024.


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Be And Exist is out on June 14th via Dying Victims Productions and can be ordered from HERE