September 10, 2020

Another German band, Pyogenesis has had a long and illustrious career during which it has flirted with various styles including death, gothic, punk and now alternative metal. Originally, from Stuttgart this is the ninth album of often eclectic rock from a band that delights in exploring and pushing boundaries A Silent Soul Screams Loud is the third part of their most ambitious a steampunk trilogy which began in 2015 with A Century In The Curse Of Time and then continued with 2017’s A Kingdom To Disappear.

This part of the trilogy deals with how society changed in the Nineteenth century and takes rather weighty and complex issues for its subject matter which incorporates with such diverse issues as Napoleon’s reign, Sigmund Freud, Frankenstein, Darwinism and Karl Marx. So, this is not a band that writes ‘boy meets girl’ love songs or extols the joys of the motorcycle! These days the band lines up with the ever present Flo V. Schwarz on vocals and guitar with Thilo Schmidt on guitar, Malte Brauer on bass and Jan Räthje on drums and what a team they make. They are a tight unit and use the music to draw you into their world through subtlety and intricacy rather than bludgeon you with heavy metal ferocity but they show they can riff with the best of them on the ambitious and moving album closer, The Capital (A Silent Soul Screams Loud) which is a huge 14-minute epic about Karl Marx. The music is complex, dense and rich with so much happening yet it retains melody throughout with the emphasis being on the whole band as an entity in itself rather than each individual attempting to show how proficient he is and then over-cooking the album.

Bold and ambitious alternative rock form a German band who likes to surprise, this closes a three album epic, it’s going to be interesting to see what they come up with next.