Ronnie Atkins – Make It Count (Frontiers Music)

It is only a year since the Pretty Maids vocalist released his first, stunning solo album with the wonderful One Shot and he has now rapidly followed it up with another perfectly crafted melodic, hard rock record that will surely delight his legions of fans. The Danish band Pretty Maids may have flown under the..

RONNIE ATKINS : ‘4 More Shots (The Acoustics)’ – new EP by Pretty Maids frontman out 1 October, 2021 via Frontiers

Following the March 2021 release of his well received solo album, One Shot, Danish vocalist Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids, Nordic Union) has announced a forthcoming new EP. 4 More Shots (The Acoustics) consists of an unreleased studio song entitled Carry Me Over, three acoustic versions of songs included on the album, plus One Shot (Orchestra..

Ronnie Atkins – One Shot (Frontiers Music)

As I'm sure we are all aware Ronnie Atkins aka Paul Christensen is the vocalist with the hard rock band Pretty Maids, one of Denmark's greatest ever exports! He has fronted the band since 1981 and has, finally, decided that the time is right for his first solo album after having no real inclination for..