October 2, 2023

Following the release of their chart-topping, fourth studio album, Día de Muertos, and a recent tour with scene heavy weights EISBRECHER, German industrial dark rock and metal act SCHATTENMANN has unleashed a new music video for the song Ewigkeit (engl.: eternity). Día de Muertos was released in June 2023 via AFM Records, with a phenomenal #10 it marked the band’s highest chart entry in the German album charts to date.

Says frontman Frank Herzig, who also also produced and mixed the band’s latest studio offering, about Ewigkeit: “Everything is temporary, nothing lasts for eternity,” says frontman Frank Herzig, who also produced and mixed the new SCHATTENMANN album: “With this line of lyrics in the back of your mind, you see many things differently and you painfully become aware, that everything will come to an end at some point. You should focus on the important things in life in the time you have left and enjoy your life to the fullest. Similar to a concert. You can’t capture the mood, the experience and the emotions. A concert is a unique experience that can never be exactly reproduced again.  With the video for Ewigkeit, we tried to capture exactly this “transience”, the emotions and irretrievable moments on tour.”

With their unique sound and profound music, SCHATTENMANN has become one of the most promising bands in the German metal scene. In Chaos, the band’s 2021 album, SCHATTENMANN‘s sound became heavier, more metallic, more multifaceted and uncompromising in terms of content.

With Día de MuertosSCHATTENMANN has purposefully expanded their sound to include modern and enthralling elements through the influences of metal and industrial, and their new record won’t make any exceptions. The album promises to take dark rock and metal enthusiasts on an even more intense journey and solidify their already strong presence in the world of heavy music! 

“On Día de Muertos, you will only find songs that get straight to the point without detours. Half-hearted ideas or even filler material is sought in vain here,” Herzig said. “We sorted out a lot during the songwriting and kept only the very best tracks to present to the public. In this way, ten strong songs have been created that leave no questions unanswered.”

This statement is all the more true since Herzig and his three bandmates Jan Shook (guitar), Luke Shook (bass) and Nils Kinzig (drums) once again draw on the full range of content. Their credo is: “We wish, that our fans are touched by our music and take something out of it for themselves personally. We want to arouse emotions, from good mood to anger, but at the same time it can also be melancholic or thoughtful.”

SCHATTENMANN Live – Día de Muertos Tour 2024

01.02.24 DE-Frankfurt, Das Bett 
02.02.24 DE-Berlin, Columbia Theater 
03.02.24 DE-Hannover, Musikzentrum 
04.02.24 DE-Hamburg, Knust 
08.02.24 DE-Dresden, Tante Ju 
09.02.24 DE-Leipzig, Hellraiser 
11.02.24 DE-Oberhausen, Kulttempel 
21.03.24 DE-München, Backstage 
22.03.24 AT-Wien, Chelsea 
23.03.24 DE-Stuttgart, Im Wizemann 
24.03.24 DE-Nürnberg, Hirsch


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