August 15, 2023

Udo Dirkschneider – what an absolute legend! The name itself is a trademark and you just can’t mistake THAT voice for anybody else’s: my wife just cringed in agony when I played the album again while writing this review. The eighteenth album of the U.D.O. band is coming out less than two years after the last one and there is a reason for that: the whole album oozes with great riffs, solos and inspired playing. The biggest piece of news around the band this time is the reunification of Udo and Peter Baltes, who are releasing a full length album together for the first time since 1996 (Accept’s Predator).

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Who the hell needs a review of a new U.D.O. album? After all, whoever likes his music will buy Touchdown blindly, right? Well, it has to be stressed that after 55 years in the business (yup, that’s right) and so many recorded songs, not every album will be a winner. So, we have to make the difference and distinguish the releases which raise above the others in quality. I actually don’t know how much of an input has Baltes had in composing these thirteen new songs, but it is a fact the album is the best since 2013’s Steelhammer. We have the hymnal, sing-along hitters Fight For The Right (with the classical piece – a wink towards Wolf Hoffmann), Forever Free and Heroes Of Freedom, then there are the speed metal tornados The Double Dealers Club, The Betrayer and the title track, and the epic and melodic The Flood. No surprises, right? Well, the nice surprise is that every single song in this album has a memorable riff and little melodic nuances that makes you want to push the “repeat” button. The mid-section harmony guitars in Punchline, Better Start To Run or The Battle Understood elevate these otherwise ordinary songs to another level.

I am really impressed by the attention to detail these veterans have paid when creating in the studio. The choruses are easily among the best in Udo’s career (both in Accept in U.D.O.) and it would be really hard to cut out a single track in this 54-minute metal celebration. Hats down to these gentlemen and the pun would be well intended – this is a musical touchdown indeed. I can’t wait to hear these fantastic songs performed live.


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Touchdown is out on August 25th via Atomic Fire Records and you can pre-order it from HERE