January 23, 2023

These guys need no introduction, do they? Entering their 54th year of existence, Uriah Heep have been the most consistent band out of their contemporaries and what is more important, have persevered through hard and harder times for classic hard rock to enter 2023 more confident than ever.

There is something of an anomaly that Uriah Heep share with their fellow countrymen Magnum, which is the fact that during the last decade, both bands have been putting out some of their best music, which not only equals but even surpasses in quality some of the classics of the 70s and 80s. Wake The Sleeper (2008) gave a start to this wonderful tendency, and, I am delighted to say, some fifteen years and four albums later, Chaos & Colour is another fantastic musical reward to all the fans. “The album title reflects that we were in chaotic times with being locked down, tours being cancelled, businesses folding, and all the chaos that was thrown into the world,” explains Mick Box, “and as far as I could see it, the only colour people had was through music. It helped so many people get through those difficult years, using that strength and power which music has, to make those bad times not quite so bad.

The sound is really powerful, with deserved compliments for producer Jay Ruston, who has enhanced each of Heep’s strengths and given them the punch and vividness these great songs require. It would be hard to point out any particular songs when there is such quality in each one of them, but Silver Sunlight, the groovy Hurricane and the absolutely epic album centerpiece One Nation, One Sun are the ones I want to replay most (for now). Fly Like An Eagle and Freedom To Be Free are also so majestic and powerful, with the former probably having the strongest chorus in the whole album. Bernie Shaw is once again in his element throughout, proving to be the best possible frontman for these legends, lending them his golden voice for more than 36 years now (!). There is this same shade of progressive rock in Chaos & Colour which is present in the last few albums, but this time the songs are ticking all the boxes of what we require from a classic Uriah Heep album, which doesn’t mean safe play, but an exploration of what they have been best at. This is an album which can be admired on your turntable at home or in the car on the road to the seaside, never failing to put a big smile on the face of every connoisseur of good music.

In the new age of vinyl, it has to be mentioned that the CD version hosts not one but two exclusive extra songs, both of which are excellent, so be careful what you will prefer.


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Chaos & Colour will be out on January 27th and you can order it from HERE