The Odd Dimension – The Blue Dawn (Scarlet Records)

The Odd Dimension is prog rock/prog metal band from Alessandria in Italy which was formed in 2002 and released the two albums Symmetrical and The Last Embrace To Humanity in 2011 and 2013 respectively and drew comparisons with the likes of Fates Warning, Dream Theater and Vanden Plas. So, rather belatedly, the band has released..

Winterage – The Inheritance Of Beauty (Scarlet Records)

Winterage is an Italian Symphonic Power Metal band that has taken strong influences from classical, Irish and medieval music which they very cleverly infuse with symphonic metal to make a most glorious and totally epic metal extravaganza. Again, symphonic metal is designed around the old adage that more is definitely more and then along comes..

Be The Wolf – Torino (Scarlet Records)

Be The Wolf is a modern day rock band that was formed in 2011 in Turin, Italy with Torino, named after their home city, being their fourth album to date. The group is a three-piece comprising of singer, guitarist and songwriter Federico Mondelli (Frozen Crown, Volturian), bassist Marco Verdone and drummer Paul Canetti. They deliver an eclectic and..

Sole Syndicate – Last Days Of Eden (Scarlet Records)

Sole Syndicate is an '80s inspired hard/melodic rock band from Sweden with Last Days Of Eden being the band's second album following on from the debut, Garden Of Eden, released in 2016. I haven't heard the first album but the lyrical theme of this follow up is very much COVID influenced with a dark warning..

Six Foot Six – End Of All (Scarlet Records)

Six Foot Six is a classic heavy metal rock band formed in 2018 by Kristoffer Göbel and Christoffer Borg and it appears that the decision was made by the two Swedish musicians during mixing sessions for the solo album recorded by Göbel which went under the title of The Six Foot Six Project. The first album..

Skeletoon – Nemesis (Scarlet Records)

Some bands take themselves very seriously indeed and could even be called po-faced and then there are those that revel in absurdity, adding a little humour to the proceedings and taking a lighter attitude to life and music. Such bands like Evil Scarecrow and Gloryhammer are totally crazy and play with tongues stuck firmly in..

DarkTribe – Voici L’Homme (Scarlet Records)

Voici L'Homme is the third album by this fine French progressive/power metal band and comes some five years after The Modern Age, the album that saw the band definitely becoming the finished article but there is still debate amongst fans as to which album is the best, is it the debut or the second and..