January 23, 2023

After Lapse is a new progressive metal band from Spain with Face The Storm being the band’s debut release and a confident and ambitious one it is too.

The band was formed in 2018 when three musicians from the band Delyriüm being Roberto Cappa (drums), Pablo Sancha (keyboards) and Arturo Rodríguez (guitar) decided they wanted to form their own melodic progressive metal band. There were numerous musicians involved in the early days of development with Rodriguez also moving on but, eventually, they settled on vocalist Rubén Miranda, bassist Javier Palacios and the new guitarist Jorge Escudero. Face The Storm is a superior prog metal album with fabulous and thundering riffs and impressive solos from Escudero and he works perfectly in tandem with the expressive keyboards of Sancha and they are at the heart of all that is good about this album.

After Lapse definitely have influences ranging from Theocracy, Threshold and Redemption at their heaviest plus the subtlety and precision of Fates Warning, the refinement of Haken and even a touch of the symphonic metal of bands like Therion. They even manage in introduce some Spanish folk touches which is a nice addition which makes Face The Storm and ambitious and fully formed debut. Rubén Miranda is a great addition to the band and I’m sure that this is a vocalist that we are destined to hear much more from as he has the range, power and subtly to bring gravitas to any project ranging from industrial rock through to melodic death metal and all points in between and he even delights in adding something of the rap vocal swagger and delivery of bands like Seething Akira.

There are a couple of guest contributors too with Pedro J. Monge (Vhäldemar) playing the guitar solos on Where No One Cares, Carlos Lozano (Persefone) plays the guitar solo on More and there is a neat cameo from Alicia Avilés Valero with her cello on Along The Way.

After Lapse are not the finished article yet and there are so many superb bands in the progressive metal market but Face The Storm is a brave and well developed opener from this fine Spanish band and it is going to be interesting to watch them develop.

Face The Storm

  1. Thrive (3:41)
  2. Where No One Cares (5:44)
  3. Come Undone (4:31)
  4. Face The Storm (4:40)
  5. Beyond The End (6:11)
  6. The Lie (6:07)
  7. Through This War (5:41)
  8. More (5:06)
  9. Facta Non Verba (5:12)
  10. Heal (1:52)
  11. Along The Way (3:54)

Face The Storm is out now on Frontiers Records