June 11, 2021

Emily Wolfe is singer, songwriter and musician from Austin, Texas and was something of a child prodigy as she began playing guitar when only five years old and is now a most accomplished and revered guitarist.

Emily released her eponymous debut in 2019 with Outlier being the second and, most often, critical album but she need have no fears as to the accessibility of this sublime and intoxicating album. It can be difficult being a singer songwriter because there seems to be certain channels that are obligated or accepted as standards to pursue so the music business either wants to push you down the girlie pop route and squeeze you dry over a profitable couple of years before the next bright new thing arrives or push you further down very obscure and career limiting genres. So, if you are a cross genre artist as Emily Wolfe is then how do you break free of these accepted shackles? Well, you start by having a strong personality and a burning desire to do it your way no matter what is thrown at you and it also helps tremendously if you have the skills and sheer talent to thrive in whatever market you are in.

This then is Emily Wolfe’s greatest skill as she seems to be able to tick every box whilst still retaining total creditability. Something like LA/NY is sheer pop and something that she might expect from Katie Perry and then you have songs like Vermillion Park that has Mary Chapin Carpenter written all over it or My Lungs Give Out with shades of Alanis Morissette. So, in many respects, Emily Wolfe is an artist that has a song for every occasion and a golden voice that is all honey and syrup but backed up by cold steel. Her songs are feisty, forthright and welcoming but all are with real attitude and this is one lady you need to accommodate as you would be foolish to ignore or discount her.

Emily Wolfe reminds me of a young and ambitious Avril Lavigne but with the wise head of Alanis Morissette guiding her every move. Her style is ‘a little bit country, a little bit rock & roll’ if you forgive the Donny and Marie reference but that is the real beauty or Outlier as everyone will see and hear something personal in this album, doesn’t matter whether you a are a 10 year old girl buying your first single or have been brought up on P J Harvey or Janis Joplin. Emily Wolfe has something for us all to revel in and is going to be a major talent but then she is that already!

Outlier track list

  1. No Man (3:28)
  2. Cover Of Virtue (4:25)
  3. LA/NY (4:05)
  4. Something Better (4:01)
  5. Never Gonna Learn (3:58)
  6. Vermillion Park (3:04)
  7. Damage Control (4:03)
  8. My Lungs Give Out (3:42)
  9. Death Row Kiss (3:43)
  10. Heavenly Hell (3:55)