April 21, 2022

Hit The Ground Runnin’ is a Canadian melodic rock band, based out of Philadelphia, which was formed in 1985 and originally operated under the name of Free Delivery but this was quickly changed in 1986. The debut album, Sudden Impact, came out in 1989 and established the band as purveyors of very high quality smooth AOR. However, Sudden Impact was not the springboard to success with the follow up originally planned for 1991 not actually coming out until 2000 with the band’s third album coming out in 2007 and that was it for recorded output although the band remains as a live concern today.

It seems that Sudden Impact has developed a new lease of life in recent years with original copies of the album going for crazy prices which has prompted this re-release by the record label. The album is now available in re-mastered form and has been expanded to a double CD with the first disc seeing the remastered original album plus what they call the addition of two bonus tracks but this is just the opening track Magic now split into two sections with the short opening part re-titled as Intro and the addition of a new closing track called The Beginning (The Swamp) but at 15-seconds it begs the question why? The new second disc features a further 8 tracks including demos, a radio edit and a new song but none of these were made available for review so comment cannot be made. However, praise does need to be lavished on the original material itself which is a perfect reminder of just how good AOR was in the 1980’s and I would most certainly have bought this at the time if I had heard it but at least we now have chance to remedy the situation.

The band on Sudden Impact was Blair Ramsey on lead vocals, Alan Auginnas on guitar, Paul Piccaro on bass, Jimmy Katone on drums and Rob Kay on keyboards. Ramsey has a wonderfully smooth voice with all of the other musicians supplying backing vocals so you get lots of wonderful, honey dripping vocal harmonies and a masterclass is super smooth AOR/melodic rock. This is very much an under-rated classic and a listen is very much recommended as you will surely be impressed with that the band was doing and if you are into the likes of ’80s era Yes, Max Webster, Honeymoon Suite and REO Speedwagon then you will surely love this classic and super fresh sounding AOR delight.

The CD is only available through AOR Heaven’s own website and is limited to 500 copies so speed really is of the essence.

Sudden Respect

  1. Intro (0:43)
  2. Magic (5:06)
  3. Moment To Moment (3:59)
  4. Slow Motion (3:37)
  5. Don’t You Look (3:18)
  6. Oh No! (5:54)
  7. Ah Original (4:47)
  8. Over & Over (4:38)
  9. Who’s Walking You Home (4:24)
  10. Too Late (4:40)
  11. While It Lasted (5:38)
  12. The Beginning (The Swamp) (Bonus Track) (0:15)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Nights Delight (Demo Version)
  2. Slow Motion (Demo Version)
  3. Don’t You Look (Demo Version)
  4. Oh No! (Demo Version)
  5. An Original (Demo Version)
  6. Who’s Walking You Home (Demo Version)
  7. Over & Over (Radio Edit)
  8. So It Goes (Bonus Track)