November 26, 2023

Kings Crown is a new melodic hard rock band put together by a talented team of Swedish musicians with the aim of creating an old-school rock album built on the solid platform laid down back in the ’70s by the imperious Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rainbow and Bad Company.

If your tastes in music look backwards rather than forwards then there is much here to be enjoyed as Kings Crown have very much nailed the early Whitesnake sound allied with the power that mid-era Purple brought to the rock arena. The band was initially put together by guitarist Martin Kronlund who some may know from his work with Gypsy Rose, Phenomena and Dogface and he quickly brought in vocalist Lee Small (SHY, The Sweet) with whom he had previously worked with in Phenomena and his former colleague from Dogface also answered the call with keyboard player Anders Skoog coming on board. The drummer Pontus Engborg (Glenn Hughes) then joined and his recommendation of bassist Bas Berra Holmgren completed the line-up.

The band wanted to create a retro rock album but fully utilising all the modern production techniques and this is something that we are now seeing quite often these days. In truth, these types of releases are simply musicians paying homage to the music that inspired them which is fine by me as the ’70s and ’80s were such fertile ground for the development of rock music.

There is a real sound of Whitesnake to the record with Small having a great delivery somewhere between David Coverdale and Paul Rodgers with plenty of great guitar work from Kronlund and neat keyboards from Skoog plus some sublime Hammond too and I’m sure the late, great Jon Lord would have approved.

In truth, this could easily have been mistaken for some lost heavy rock classic album from the late 1970s rather than being a new work from some truly great musicians and for that we owe Martin Kronlund and team a big show of gratitude. Closer To The Truth immediately sounds like an old friend and is sure to receive plenty of repeat plays.

Closer To The Truth

  1. It’s Too Late (3:31)
  2. Servant (4:58)
  3. Still Alive (3:43)
  4. Standing On My Own (5:00)
  5. Stranger (3:54)
  6. Down Below (4:17)
  7. Stay The Night (4:19)
  8. Closer to the Truth (4:35)
  9. I Will Remember (3:54)
  10. Don’t Hide (4:13)
  11. Darkest of Days (4:09)