September 28, 2022

Nova Luna is a new progressive metal band from Italy which came together in 2019 when the singer and major song writer Mattia Martin started looking for a vehicle to perform his material. He pretty soon brought in drummer Alessandro Piputto and guitarist Davide Martina with the recording taking up much of the next two years and it was only during the actual recording stages that bassist Nicola Lardo and keyboard player Valerio Simonini came onboard. Mixing and mastering was done by Michele Guaitoli (Temperance, Vision Of Atlantis) and his experience and perfect talents brought the whole project to life. The album is further graced by several exceptional guests with drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats), guitarist Reb Beach (Winger) and keyboards from Michele Luppi (Vision Divine, Secret Sphere) and Mistheria (Vivaldi Metal Project).

There is a little bit of a theme to the music with different emotions being explored by Martin but it is by no means a concept album rather a pastiche of interlocking poetic songs. The tracks themselves are perfect moments of progressive metal but all are very short for the genre so there is no real scope for the sort of extended technical dexterity exhibited by bands like Dream Theater but maybe that will come in time as this is only the first album after all. The accompanying publicity lists the usual bands for reference in Dream Theater, Symphony X and Kamelot but I would suggest that Nova Luna is closer to Enchant and Redemption.

Nova Vita is an excellent debut, but competition is fierce, and the band is not yet ready to challenge the real heavyweights of progressive metal but I sure the band will develop and grow plus I would expect that there will be more changes in personnel to come but all the basic ingredients are here and in Mattia Martin the band has a very strong and capable song writer and an excellent progressive metal vocalist.

Nova Vita

  1. Addicted to Myself (3:41)
  2. Nova Vita (2:45)
  3. Over Machines (3:55)
  4. World of Truth (3:23)
  5. Lost in the Sky (4:03)
  6. Save You (This Time) (4:46)
  7. Morning Stars (3:37)
  8. Black Stained Sun (5:00)
  9. Without Sorrow (3:00)
  10. Cause of My Poetries (4:30)
  11. World of Truth (3:22)