April 24, 2023

If you think that they do not make heavy metal like they used to then you clearly have not heard Ross The Boss! You may know his early work with the US hard punching punk influenced The Dictators but you will almost certainly be aware of the very much larger than life hard rock band Manowar with Ross – also known as – Ross Friedman being a co-founder and very much influential guitarist and song writer on the first six albums. Since then he has featured in a host of rock bands including guesting on many others too and you are definitely urged to check out the three Death Dealer albums he has put out with Sean Peck (vocalist with Cage and The Three Tremors) but it is his other project Ross The Boss that we are concerned with here.

Friedman is a real force of nature and he commits body and soul to his music so that when you hear one of his albums then you know you have been treated to hard rock most royal. There have been four albums under the Ross The Boss banner with New Metal Leader in 2008, Hailstorm in 2010, By Blood Sworn in 2018 and Born Of Fire in 2020 with the same line-up responsible for the first two records with the titanic German Patrick Fuchs on vocals and guitar and you may also know of him for his work with Hammer King and Lord Vigo although with them he performs under the names Titan Fox V and Toni Scoleri respectively. Friedman shook things up for By Blood Sworn bringing in the singer Mark Lopes (Dark Day Sunday, Hellspeak and new Metal Church vocalist), nephew Lance Barnewold on drums and, in a real coup, the one and only Mike LePond of Symphony X on bass. Barnewold’s place for the album Born Of Fire was taken by Steve Bolognese (Baptised In Blood, Death Dealer) having already impressed during his stint as live touring drummer with the band.

The current inception of the group is pretty much heavy metal heaven with sprawling, pounding, ferocious metal born out of thrash, hard rock and even power metal to create a monster of epic proportions with screaming and intense vocals and as much searing guitar and relentless riffing as two ears can handle in a lifetime. I guess the music can best be described as the love child of Manowar and Judas Priest but it is so much more than that and any self-respecting hard rock fan should have Ross The Boss albums in their collection. This new release is a twelve-track compilation with three tracks apiece from each album and in a neat twist they have done the song listing in album order so that you can chart the development of the band as you head bang through the record.

This work is planned to be a vinyl and download release only and is a perfect place to begin your education on one of the greatest hard rock bands in the world and, yes, they are that good. Buy, play very load, upset the neighbours!

Legacy Of Blood, Fire & Steel

  1. Blood Of Knives (3:23)
  2. I Got The Right (5:44)
  3. We Will Kill (4:35),
  4. Kingdom Arise (4:58)
  5. Hailstorm (3:53)
  6. Great Gods Glorious (3:16)
  7. By Blood Sworn (4:50)
  8. This Is Vengeance (4:28)
  9. We Are The Night (4:04)
  10. Maiden Of Shadows (4:07)
  11. Born Of Fire (4:08)
  12. Denied By The Cross (3:36)

Legacy Of Blood, Fire & Steel will be released on 28 April via AFM Records and is available for pre-order now