September 14, 2020

She Bites is the rock vehicle put together in 2019 for Berlin based singer and actress Melanie Stahlkopf by the Lioncage and ex-Skyline guitarist Lars König with the band being completed by drummer Carsten Kohl (Three Wishes) and bassist Arvid Lucas (Lioncage). Together, they have produced Joy Ride, a thoroughly enjoyable pop/AOR album with hooks aplenty and lot’s of radio friendly material. Stahlkopf has a pleasing voice and the harmonies soon have you buying into the ’80s themed music that harks back to those days of big hair and even bigger shoulder pads! Nicely produced, this is a perfect slick of bubblegum rock, enjoyable and safe but not life changing or at the cutting edge of the genre. Think Roxette, Texas, Robin Beck, a little bit of Heart and a touch of Nena too.

Joyride track list

  • Demons (3:47)
  • Joyride (3:40)
  • She Is On Fire (3:54)
  • Heartbreak Hotel (4:07)
  • Dance For You (3:47)
  • I’ll Be Alright (4:12)
  • Rock This Night (3:18)
  • Punches (3:25)
  • The Simple Song (3:55)
  • Heaven Sent (3:36)
  • Push The Button (3:38)