December 12, 2021

Six Silver Suns is a new Finnish rock band put together by a number of stalwarts from the Finnish rock scene with Markku Kuikka on vocals, Toni Bite and Harri Petjakko on guitar, Janne Mannonen on drums, Teo Lehto on bass and Sammy Taberman on keyboards. Together, they have put together an album that pretty much raids the ’70s songbook as the band has put together a classic rock album that has a broad range of influences from The Allman Brothers and The Band through to Alan Parsons and Styx with all other bands and points covered too. So you get a little prog, a little West Coast, some classic melodic rock and a touch of psychedelia too. It sounds a crazy mixture but it works simply because one style doesn’t dominate over the other and it is the pleasing way that the styles are so complimentary to each other that makes the music sound just so familiar even though they are all new compositions. It has such a retro sound that you cannot help but think that it is one of those classic albums from that era and that you had almost forgotten about and then all the memories come flooding back when you play it again!

The music is sublime, perfectly delivered and so well produced that it reminds of days past whilst sounding so modern and fresh. The level of musicianship is off the scale and all seem to be more concerned with complimenting each other and this is music played purely for the love of it and not an ego in sight. The keyboards are lush and create a wonderful texture with the guitars being fluid and mazy and the vocals and vocal harmonies are divine. Special praise should also go to Helena Haaparanta with her backing vocals which add so much depth to the songs. The band even finishes with a splendid and pretty faithful version of California Dreamin’, the Mamas and Papas standard that is so evocative of the era and effectively sums up what the band has tried to recreate with this most splendid of rock albums.

Every play reveals a different facet and it has already become a favourite of mine, have a listen and float away on the wonderful tones of yesteryear.

As Archons Fall

  1. Lord of the Southern Tower (4:45)
  2. To the Unknown (4:23)
  3. Children of the Stars (3:58)
  4. Fading by Light (4:30)
  5. Sweet Promethean (7:19)
  6. Cosmic Bitter Blues (3:26)
  7. The Stranger (4:01)
  8. Vultures of Nevermore (5:15)
  9. Edge of Forever (5:45)
  10. A Night upon My Shoulders (5:32)
  11. California Dreamin` (2:35)