October 5, 2020

When considering the British blues guitarist and singer Snowy White most people will immediately think of his live work with Pink Floyd and Roger Waters in particular but he was also the guitarist on Rick Wright’s Wet Dream solo album so he is quite an integral part of the Pink Floyd experience.

It is easy then to forget that he was also a full member of Thin Lizzy from 1980 to 1982 being on the Chinatown and Renegade albums and some may even remember his chart hit Bird Of Paradise which peaked at number 6 in the British singles charts in December 1983. What may pass most by is that he is a most accomplished solo artist too with a host of albums behind him either under his own name or as Snowy White’s Blues Agency but most commonly as Snowy White And The White Flames, a traditional three-piece blues outfit.

Whatever the version of the band, what you get is superior white blues which he delivers in a relaxed and laid back fashion. He has a delightful voice but it is his guitar work that is the real treat with all his majestic work delivered in a rather low key way as he always avoids the spectacular and ‘showboating’ style preferred by many to concentrate on the devastatingly emotional impact, for him less is definitely more. As always, his team is impressive as they lay down a wonderful rhythm that allows White to thrill and delight and the eleven tracks on this album are nothing less than perfect examples of contemporary classic white blues from a man whose guitar skills are legendary and designed to wring every ounce of emotion out of a tune.

If you are a fan of Chris Rea and Mark Knopfler then you will delight in what Snowy White And The White Flames have to offer. Just for the record and if you have ever wondered then his real name is Terence but Snowy suits him so much better.

Something On Me track list

  1. Something On Me (7:44)
  2. Another Blue Night (5:09)
  3. Another Life (5:13)
  4. Get Responsible (5:08)
  5. Cool Down (3:42)
  6. Ain’t Gonna Lean On You (8:00)
  7. It’s Only The Blues (5:45)
  8. Commercial Suicide (7:05)
  9. I Wish I Could (4:22)
  10. Whiteflames Chill (4:29)
  11. One More Traveller (4:40)