October 5, 2020

Vanishing Point is an Australian progressive metal band that dates back to the early ’90s and has previously released five excellent albums yet, sadly, there has been nothing but quiet since the great Distant Is The Sun which came out in 2014. Six long years have since passed but the good news is that Brisbane’s finest band is back with, probably, its strongest album yet.

It is probably true to say that Vanishing Point is another band that has passed many rock fans by and there are hordes out there would certainly appreciate their melodic metal approach given half the chance. The band has had something of a rotating door policy when it comes to personnel with many leaving due to the old cliché of personal differences in musical direction and this has certainly not helped the band to achieve its true potential. Whatever the reasons for the changes or indeed the extended delays in output as this is none of our concern but it is fair to say that the band has consistently delivered exceptional progressive rock albums despite these changes and Dead Elysium is another example of what this band has to offer. The current line-up features several new members and they line-up with Silvio Massaro (Vocals), Chris Porcianko (Guitars), James Maier (Guitars), Gaston Chin (Bass) and Damien Hall (Drums) with only Massaro remaining from the original line-up although Porcianko is a very long standing member. In many respects, a high turnover in personnel can bring fresh ideas and new skills into a band and it is obvious that Dead Elysium is a heavier rock album than previous yet the orchestral arrangement temper some of this whilst giving a full, lustrous and well-rounded sound to the proceedings.

Silvio Massaro again impresses with his classic rock vocals and the twin guitars merge superbly and drive the sound onwards in thrilling fashion. The keyboard work really adds so much and helps to give a really full and rich flavour to the band yet are not credited and it would be nice to know who contributed them. The ten songs all fall into the prog metal epic category with a big sound and there is so much happening with each musician going above and beyond in terms of musical contribution as the band performs impeccably and with a real power and might. This is bombastic and symphonic metal at its finest from a masterful band that has been away for far too long. The songs are all in the 5 to 7-minute region which allows the band to fully develop the theme with no song ever actually out staying it welcome. It would be wrong to pick out any particular track as each has its own individual merits and every one of the ten works are exceptional examples of progressive and symphonic metal at its best.

For fans of Evergrey, Kamelot and Dream Theater and if you have not heard the band before then you are urged to rectify this immediately as Dead Elysium is a hard hitting and intensely profound album that demands to be heard.

Dead Elysium track listing

  1. Dead Elysium (7:01)
  2. Count Your Days (6:15)
  3. To The Wolves (5:56)
  4. Salvus (5:16)
  5. The Fall (5:20)
  6. Free (7:14)
  7. Recreate The Impossible (5:57)
  8. Shadow World (4:36)
  9. The Healing (6:02)
  10. The Ocean (6:00)