December 19, 2021

Poison Boys is an American punk/sleaze rock band out of Chicago and appears to have just the two agenda items which entail turning the clocks back to the mid/late 1970s and to have a seriously good time.

The band formed in 2014 and survived the loss of co-founder Mike Lippman following an accidental overdose at the young age of just 23 and fellow co-founder Matt Dudzik made the decision to continue with the band to honour the name of Lippman. The debut, Out Of My Head, came out in 2019 and we now have Don’t You Turn Me On which is an effective and neat follow on to the debut. The current line-up see Matt Dudzik on vocals and guitar with Steve Elfinger also on guitar, Nico Bones on bass and Matt Caney on drums and together they make one hell of a noise. The band has a sound that has been influenced by so many of the great bands in punk from both sides of the Atlantic with elements Of The Heartbreakers, the Flamin’ Groovies, the Vibrators and the Only Ones among many others. It could be very easy simply to churn out a punk by numbers album but the band has invested heavily into the concept and the music here would have comfortably stood side by side with albums from the Ramones, the Damned and the New York Dolls in the 70’s. Played with infectious enthusiasm and deadly serious intent Poison Boys hit you hard with their up-tempo songs and a seriously good level of musicianship with fabulous angry guitar riffs and breaks and an oh so delicious vocal delivery from Matt Dudzik. If you weren’t there at the time or if the emergence of the Pistols is ranked as one of you r life highlights then you are sure to enjoy the latest offering from Poison Boys.

Don’t You Turn Me On

  1. Don’t You Turn On Me (4:03)
  2. Living On The Edge Of The Knife (3:05)
  3. Day By Day (3:12)
  4. Little Speedway Girl (1:55)
  5. Keep Knocking (3:10)
  6. Dick In The Dirt (3:16)
  7. Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind (2:17)
  8. Nothing But Darkness (4:12)
  9. She’s Nowhere (2:42)
  10. Sweet Marie (3:06)
  11. I Was Cryin’ (3:24)
  12. Take A Chance With Me (3:07)