July 3, 2021

Polish death metal legends Vader released their much acclaimed 15th full length record Solitude In Madness in 2020 and proved to the world that even after almost 40 years of existence, they were still one of the leading forces within their genre and beyond. However, let’s not forget that the year 2020 also marked the 25th anniversary of Vader‘s classic and much sought-after 2nd album De Profundis (first released 1995 in Poland), which hasn’t been properly available in physical form in about two decades, although it’s regarded by many fans as one of the best albums in the band’s catalogue.

But rejoice, Vader and Nuclear Blast haven’t forgotten about it and will re-release De Profundis fully re-mastered and on various formats, including its first ever appearance on vinyl, on July 30th 2021!

Founding member Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek comments: “De Profundis was never released on vinyl. The mid-90s were dominated by CDs. The original tape from Modern Sound Studio was lost with no chance of recovering it, so we made a new master using a Telefunken professional tape studio recorder to give the whole record a warmer sound, a more analogue feel and dynamics, but without altering the original version of course.”

De Profundis track list

  1. Silent Empire (04:02)
  2. An Act of Darkness (01:55)
  3. Blood Of Kingu (04:38
  4. Incarnation (03:07)
  5. Sothis (03:42)
  6. Revolt (03:36)
  7. Of Moon, Blood, Dream And Me (03:51)
  8. Vision And The Voice (03:28)
  9. Reborn In Flames (05:42)

De Profundis is available in the following formats

VinylGold Bone/Black Splatter (ltd. to 1200)
VinylGold (ltd. to 500)
VinylGreen/Black Splatter (ltd. to 300)
VinylMarbled Gold Glitter w/ Black (ltd. to 200) / band store only
VinylClear (ltd. to 300) / Poland exclusive
VinylGreen (ltd. to 300) / EMP exclusive
VinylBox Set (ltd. to 100) / band store only
CassetteGreen (US only)
Digital Album

VADER / 1995 Line-up:

Peter – Vocals, Guitars
China – Guitars
Shambo – Bass
Doc – Drums