FRAU FLEISCHER New Single/Official Video ‘Baby I’m Free’

Baby I'm Free is the second single from the first Frau Fleischer album. After the roughness and darkness of first single Sacrifice, the band is realizing a song that shows a different element of the butcher. This is a hymn to freedom, to the possibility of being and achieving whatever we want, of thinking and looking in our own..

Hongo Fuu – Fuu (Sliptrick Records)

Occasionally, you get to review an album that defies all of your best efforts and it remains something of an enigma. When this happens, I usually refer to the music as 'eclectic' and then move on quickly as eclectic can means so much and covers just about everything - or so I thought. Then this..

Marble – S.A.V.E. (Sliptrick Records)

Marble is a hard rock band from Northern Italy with elements of progressive, power and melodic metal about their delivery. The band formed in 2003 and released the EP Trails And Dreams Of Reality in 2006 which they then followed up with the full debut album A.T.G.O.D. (At The Gates Of Destruction) in 2008. This..

Amoriello – Dear Dark EP (Sliptrick Records)

Amoriello is a project put together by American guitarist Thomas Amoriello with this short five track EP following on from his full debut and self titled release in 2018. Hailing from New Jersey, Amoriello has called in a number of guests on this release which falls into the hard rock, epic metal category and is..

Brick – Done Counting My Scars (Sliptrick Records)

Yet another heavy rock band from Sweden, Brick formed in 2014 in  and released the debut album Faceless Strangers in 2016. As a six piece, this is a most powerful band build around a very, very riff heavy sound provided by two talented guitarists and a superb rock vocalist with some quite sublime keyboard work..

Dirty Rats – End In Tears (Sliptrick Records)

I'm not sure what it is about Australian rock bands but they all seem to be most adept at producing timeless, down and dirty rock and roll and always from hard working, hard living and hard drinking musicians. Dirty Rats is another in a long line of glorious, time served rock bands specialising in hard..

Notörious – Glamourized (Sliptrick Records)

Those crazy Scandinavians seem to love their glam/sleaze rock and now we have the Norwegian band Notörious to add to the ever-growing list of outrageous glam bands like Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx and Hardcore Superstar. Hailing from Bergen, the band formed in 2018 with Glamorized being the debut album although they did release an EP, Seducer..