Krilloan – Emperor Rising (Sliptrick Records)

Photo: Mariano Cirigliano. Krilloan is a Sweden power/true metal band with Emperor Rising being the full debut album following on from the Stories Of Time Forgotten EP which introduced the band to the metal community in a blaze of glory in 2021 and then again with a re-release last year. Emperor Rising is now the..

Alive – Turned Up To Destroy (Sliptrick Records)

Well, what a surprise this album was. Again, I'm guilty of judging an album by its cover and the rather gaudy comic strip art cover told me to get ready for some 100mph glam/sleaze derivative which is fine by me but I was totally unprepared for the cultured yet aggressively hard hitting old school rock..

Gia G – Cosmic Wave EP (Sliptrick Records)

Gia Frederico is an instrumental rock guitarist based in Boston, United States and she operates both in the alt-rock band Devil In The Mist and solo under the Gia G moniker. This 3-track EP shows her to be an incredibly skilled guitarist with obvious influences from Steve Vai and Joe Satriani with the songs covering..

THE SAME RIVER New Single ‘Voyage\\The Great Sea’ out now from the album ‘Weight Of The World’, due for release on 13th may via Sliptrick Records

The track Voyage\\The Great Sea, from Greek rock group The Same River, features two-parts. The first part (Voyage) is life. The everlasting struggle from the day we are born until we draw our last breath. The fight with our inner demons, the fear of the unknown and the everyday effort we make to embrace the gift of existence...

C.K.O. – Are You WIth Me (Sliptrick Records)

C.K.O. is a Swedish hard rock band and it is not a name I know nor does there appear to be a great detail of information about them out there so apologies for the lack of any real insight or historical comments. They line up with the tight and hard hitting Johan Widerberg on vocals,..

Shake The Temple – Shake The Temple (Sliptrick Records)

Shake The Temple is a new Australian hard rock three-piece comprising of John Joseph on vocals and guitar, Dave Emms on drums and Damian Cutler on bass with this being the band's self-titled debut release. It seems that the guys are all well rooted in the Australian rock scene with this album featuring new tracks..

Bangkok Dollars – Lost Souls (Sliptrick Records)

Bangkok Dollars is a hard rock band from Finland with Lost Souls being the band's second release following on from 2019's debut Roses N' Ravens. It is very much an old school metal band but with an element of grunge and also that special blues groove to give the music fluidity and depth. They seem..

Thundermaker – The Road (Sliptrick Records)

Thundermaker initially began life 2013 as a heavy metal project put together by the Swedish pairing of multi-instrumentalist Marty Gummesson and drummer Eddie Juneskär with the debut, The Thundermaker, coming out in 2014 and it featured a number of guest vocalists which was a pattern repeated on the follow up, Gods Of The Earth, in 2018...

Nick Mantoan – Raw (Sliptrick Records)

Nick Mantoan is a young Italian guitarist with, apparently, a background in jazz and fusion, but his real love is so obviously hard hitting rock and roll. He has released a couple of albums so far in his career which also includes his rock Nick's Airline and now we have his first under the Nick..