October 15, 2023

Diviner is a Greek heavy-power-progressive metal band, centered around the frontman Yiannis Papanikolaou (ex-InnerWish), who is the only original member left since the band was formed 12 years ago. Diviner’s third full length Avaton comes out four years after the excellent Realms Of Time and it is somewhat a surprise that the band line-up is completely different this time around (bar Yiannis, of course). Since their previous album was among the highlights in 2019, I was a bit worried if the new guys have lived up to its quality for Avaton. Well, believe it or not, the new album is even better.

The production is once again very powerful and crystal clear at the same time, each of the songs leaping out from the speakers with so much colour and life. After a short intro, Mountains High pounds with very heavy riffing and a super epic and memorable chorus. Dancing In The Fire and Waste No Time are a bit more uplifting in mood, adding even more melodies and a slight progressive touch reminiscent of Angra (just a little bit). Cyberwar deviates towards the US power metal school with concrete riffage and very solid rhythm section. The layers of guitars work perfectly once again. Then, just when you would think a slight drop in quality would be normal, Nemesis drops a steam-hammer of brutal riffs in a mid-tempo stomp that bands like Flotsam and Jetsam or Metal Church would die for. Actually, when I mention Flotsam, it’s funny that Yiannis’ vocals remind me so much of Eric A.K. both in Nemesis and in the equally good Hall Of The Brave. This is metal of such power and class that are very rare in today’s overcrowded scene.

Hope Will Rise and Dominator are again heavy yet very melodic, with fantastic vocals, varied tempos and choruses that demand repeated listens and furious headbanging. The closing, eight-minute epic The Battle Of Marathon is exactly what can be expected – a worthy finale to this tremendous album. There is a bonus track (Dead New World) only for the CD edition, which is once again a fantastic song. Avaton is, without a doubt, among the best albums this year and worthy of inclusion in every top-ten list. This is an album which will appeal not only to heavy and progressive-power metal fans, but also to US power-thrash. Top to bottom: impressive stuff.   


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Avaton will be out on November 10th and ca be pre-ordered from HERE