April 23, 2021

After almost 9 long years of waiting, we are finally rewarded with a new album by one of the bands most devoted to the old school aesthetics. Nekromantheon are among the members of the “Kolborn circle” of cult new bands, which are carrying the torch of early 80s thrash and speed metal worship, spearheaded by none other than Fenriz of Darkthrone.

Divinity Of Death (2010) and Rise, Vulcan Spectre (2012) were two relentless thrash hammers, dropped upon the unexpecting heads by Nekromantheon, who, on the strength of these albums and their savage live performances, won a diehard following. In the following years, bassist/ vocalist Sindre Solem, drummer Christian Holm and guitarist/ vocalist Arild Myren Torp payed more attention to their other bands Obliteration, Flight, Black Viper and Audiopain (you have to check them too – they are all great), which was the reason for the long pause between albums number two and three.

Visions Of Trismegistos, which will be released on April 30th, continues from where Rise, Vulcan Spectre ended. The riffs are once again cutting like razors, the tempo is frenetic and the overall atmosphere screams “we are back with a vengeance”. It is hard to distinguish any of the songs here, because all of the eight tracks constitute a homogenous amalgam of aural assault to the untrained ears. Nekromantheon’s style of thrash metal is a bit chaotic, with the riffs seemingly scattered all over, but below the surface, there is a subtlety and intricateness, with evil melodies popping up here and there. If I have to think of a reference point from the classics, then it would be Hell Awaits, Obsessed By Cruelty or the first two Deathrow albums.

The front cover drawing is truly a work of art by the renowned Zbigniew Bielak, based on the legendary figure of Hermes Trismegistus. He is the purported author of the Hermetica, a widely diverse series of ancient and medieval texts that lay the basis of various philosophical systems known as Hermeticism. This artwork demands to be displayed on vinyl in your collection. If you like your thrash raw, evil and brutal, you will be in for a treat once again. Welcome back, Nekromantheon, we missed you, guys!

8,5/ 10

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