Dawnwalker – Human Ruins (Re-release)

This month sees the re-release of Dawnwalker's breakthrough 2018 album Human Ruins in an expanded and remastered edition. Described by the band as belonging to the genre of ‘green metal’ (nice one!), the album is comprised of emotive post-rock, serene acoustic passages and bursts of cathartic black metal. Expertly remixed by Joe Clayton of No Studio and remastered by Brad..

Morag Tong – Grieve (Majestic Mountain Records)

You might already know this, but In The Elder Scrolls (online games, my lovelies!), The Dark Brotherhood and Morag Tong are two rival assassin guilds that operate differently, but both commit murder for coin....however, this Morag Tong are a stoner doom /psych-doom quartet from London. They've been around since 2014, releasing a debut EP Through..

Feed Me To The Waves – Apart (Dunk! Records)

When this Swedish quartet began the writing process for the follow-up to their extremely well-received sophomore album Intill in late 2019, their intention was to engage in an exploration of the difficulty of juggling private triumphs and public tribulations. It is a conflict that many of us face: how do we continue to smile while..

Dawnwalker – House of Sand

Dawnwalker are a collective of musicians based in London and led by songwriter Mark Norgate. Their music blends heavy rock and metal with more experimental and pastoral, folky, styles. There are no two of their records which sound quite the same, but they always feature a revolving cast of musicians who join forces to create..

Dawnwalker – Ages (self-released)

Dawnwalker is an experimental metal band formed in London in 2012, featuring a revolving cast of musicians but spearheaded by lead songwriter Mark Norgate. Their music blends modern metal with melodic, folk and progressive influences into a sound all of their own. There are no two Dawnwalker records that sound the same, but each creates..