SAMURAI – Samurai (Esoteric)

In which the diligent miners at Esoteric Records unearth yet another nugget from the rich 1970s seam which only the more dedicated of '70s prog devotees are likely to be familiar with. In this case, it was blink-and-you'd-miss-them, as Samurai released this sole album in 1971 before folding almost immediately. There was more to them,..

GREENSLADE – Sundance: A Collection 73-75 (Esoteric)

If you’re a casual listener – this is probably all you’ll need. If you’re a fan, that Reading track you’ve been after is finally here... Greenslade are one of those peculiarly ‘1970s’ prog bands who had a fairly high profile in that decade yet dropped of the proverbial cliff as the ‘80s dawned (much of..