No Terror in the Bang -Heal (Klonosphere Records)

No Terror in the Bang is a progressive and cinematic metal six-piece from Rouen, France, whose sound illustrates a chiaroscuro universe oscillating between fragility and fury. In plain English, this means contrasts of light and shade, which hits the proverbial nail bang on its head!! The band's name refers to a phrase by Alfred Hitchcock, evoking the calm..

Erei Cross – The Widow and The Others (Klonosphere Records)

Erei Cross are a French Alt-rock band with a penchant for electro synths, created in 2019 when the two founding members singer/bass player Laetitia Finidori and composer/guitarist Adrien Grousset (formerly with Hacride and Carpenter Brut), sharing a mutual passion for rock and metal music, decided to join forces and work on a new project. Initially..

Stomb – Massive Disturbed Meta Art (Klonosphere Records)

Formed in 2012, Stömb is an instrumental modern metal band from Paris, France, whose sound can be described as heavy, powerful, dark and poetic, always combining strong rhythms with ethereal atmospheres. Their debut full-length album The Grey was released in 2015 and gave the band the opportunity to get into the international scene, with a..

HamaSaari – Ineffable (Klonosphere Records)

For those of you not in the know, HamaSaari is the name of an unexplored island in the land of the northern lights, Finland. Why this should be so, for a French band that is based in and around Le Mans, is intriguing! The island itself, according to the band, is literally Ineffable - in..

Tranzat – Ouh La La (Klonosphere Records)

To continue in the theme that French bands love their music to be eclectic, provocative and challenging then we now come to Tranzat, a band formed in Brest in 2015 with the deliciously tongue-in-cheek titled Ouh La La which is the bands third and definitely most ambitious album to date. One factor that is immediately..

Muddles – French Heavy Rock Group Reveal Music Video For “Human Aptitude”

French heavy rock band Muddles have just revealed a music video for a brand new song off the band's first full-length album Mind Muddling, to be released on June 11 via Klonosphere Records. Playing an alternative, catchy and melodic heavy rock sound inspired by acts like The Gathering, Lacuna Coil and Flyleaf, Muddles is a four-piece group from Annecy, France. Following a successful EP released..