Inner Stream – Stain The Sea (Frontiers Music)

Inner Stream is a female fronted rock band hailing from Argentina with roots going back to 2008 when singer Inés Vera Ortiz and her brother, Jorge, began putting songs together in Buenos Aires that didn't quite fit the power metal band that they were both in at the time. We then have to fast forward to..

INNER STREAM : ‘Stain The Sea’ – debut album by metal act formed by Argentinian singer out 16 July 2021 via Frontiers

Inner Stream blend elements of symphonic metal, electronic, goth and nü metal to create a distinctive and boundary pushing sound with a rich variety of textures, heavy riffs, powerful melodies and moments of pure emotion. Having signed to Frontiers in 2020, Stain The Sea is their debut album. "Bands like Lacuna Coil, Evanescence and Within..