Author: Trish Heywood

Former Senior Staff Writer for the CRS magazine ‘Rock Society’. Physician, writer, singer. Fan of most things musical!

Neal Morse – Sola Gratia (InsideOut)

For those of you feeling like 2020 has been a rather apocalyptic year, Neal Morse may have the answer to your prayers. On 11 September, he released a solo album on Inside Out Music, entitled Solo Gratia, meaning “Only Grace”. Fans of Sola Scriptura (the story of Martin Luther) will be familiar with the format...

Kansas – The Absence of Presence

American progressive rock has no bigger champion than Kansas. Since the release of their last album, The Prelude Implicit (2016), the band has seen the addition of Tom Brislin on keyboards and vocals - fans may recognise his work with Yes, Camel, Meatloaf, and Debbie Harry. He and Kansas veteran Zak Rizvi collaborated to write..


Music afficianados of the 70s and 80s are well aware of the musical contributions of The Babys and its members. John Waite’s unique rock tenor graced solo hits such as Missing You, and keyboardist Jonathan Cain became a part of Journey’s signature sound. But before those projects, The Babys made their mark. Founded in London..


From A Page - Live from Lyon 2009, Plus Four Previously Unreleased Songs - plus a new chapter to the yes story... We were actually trying to do something creative, and actually bringing together some music that we felt would be a positive addition to the Yes canon." The ultimate affirmative is Yes - and..


if well-written, fun music with poetic observances about life would add to your day, then check this out.  Singer/songwriter Christopher Holland’s new release Golden Hour brings the '70s back to life. Fans of artists such as Gerry Rafferty, Kenny Loggins, and the Carpenters will fully appreciate the vibe of this album. The songwriting includes the..


Hot damn! Prog rock is alive and well in the southern United States! Although the area is best known for Southern Rock (Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd), Blues legends (Robert Johnson and the infamous “crossroads” spring to mind), and Dixieland jazz (sweet New Orleans!). But Fiction Syxx is changing that. Founding member Mark Lanoue (lead vocals,..

AARON ENGLISH – Songs From Somewhere Else (Eronisongs)

American singer/songwriter Aaron English has been a very busy man, taking his music to all over America, Europe, and Africa – where he founded a charity (International Youth Project). His latest release, Songs From Somewhere Else, reflects this diversity of influences. The songs largely reflect a sense of hope in a troubled world, and pay..