PYE HASTINGS: ‘Who Does He Think He Is?’ – Caravan main man on matters past, present and future

PHOTOS: Carl Glover Scottish-born but forever to be associated with Canterbury and the ‘Canterbury Scene’, Julian ‘Pye’ Hastings is guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter with legendary prog band Caravan, a band which grew out of the remnants of seminal Canterbury band The Wilde Flowers in 1968. He’s now the only ever-present member on Caravan’s long..

CARAVAN – It’s None Of Your Business (Madfish)

Following hot on the heels of their recently released 37-disc box set, Caravan release their first studio album since 2013’s Paradise Filter, a collection of nine songs plus a short instrumental; an album the band claim is mainly influenced by ‘the restrictions imposed on society over the past eighteen months.’ None Of Your Business was,..

CARAVAN – Who Do We Think We Are? – Box Set (Madfish)

Billed as the ultimate tribute to legendary Canterbury band Caravan, this monumental undertaking comprises all sixteen studio albums, some with a CD of bonus tracks, four official ‘live’ albums plus eleven previously unreleased ‘live’ albums, a Blu-Ray of In The Land Of Grey And Pink, and a DVD of rare performances across Europe, including recordings..

HRH PROG VIII – London/Sheffield 26 Oct 2019

PHOTOGRAPHS: SHEFFIELD: Chris Walkden, LONDON: Graeme Stroud The eighth installment of the ongoing HRH Prog festival came in an intriguing format: the same identical weekend line-up simultaneously in two cities, London and Sheffield, but with the days reversed, so that the Saturday line-up in London played on Sunday in Sheffield, and vice versa. That's a..