SOLSTICE – Light Up (Giant Electric Pea)

Light Up is, as much as anything Solstice have ever released, a comprehensive musical celebration of their own unique furrow, bringing together all of the strands running through their work, and knitting them together into one highly satisfying whole. There's something about Solstice which is both magical and yet comforting after all this time. It's..


Sia Live isn’t an official live release from Solstice as such, it’s a special online edition sent out to fans and supporters of the band, recorded over two gigs at the Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes, with one being a ‘secret’ gig on 27th June 2021 and the other at the same venue on 4th September. ..


Solstice celebrate their fortieth anniversary in 2020 and, to commemorate the occasion, are releasing only their sixth studio album, though there have been a couple of ‘live’ albums as well to boost the numbers. They’re also marking the occasion by introducing a new vocalist, Jess Holland, who has really made her presence felt on the..