Toxic Rose – In For The Kill (Crusader Records)

ToxicRose began life back in 2010 after being formed in Stockholm, Sweden with a neat self titled EP coming out in 2012 but it wasn't until 2016 that the debut album Total Tranquility was released. The band specialised in a hard edged glam/sleaze rock and immediately picked up plenty of positive reviews especially as heavy..

TOXICROSE release new single ‘Outta Time’ on 28th June via Crusader Records

Swedish dark sleaze metallers ToxicRose recently released their latest single Domination in March 2021. Now, they're following it up with a brand new single Outta Time, set for release on June 28th via Crusader Records. Outta Time,the fourth single from Swedish metal band ToxicRose, is a heavy track filled with melodic hooks that thematically dives into the darkness inside a person’s mind. Watch previous..