Vambo – II (Pride & Joy Music)

I imagine that in secret laboratories across the world teams of scientists are working to crack the enigma of time-travel but they could save themselves a great deal of time simply by buying either of the two Vambo albums and they will find themselves immediately back in the 1970s! Vambo is a British hard rock..

Archon Angel – II (Frontiers Music)

Some detractors have whispered that just maybe the Frontiers label are releasing too many project albums and there may be a point to that statement but the listener has a choice and you can buy, download, stream or ignore depending upon your tastes and your pocket! However, this project heavy format does allow musicians to..

Creye – II (Frontiers)

Creye is a melodic rock group from Sweden and there are no prizes for guessing that this is the second album released by the band! The self-titled debut hit the market towards the end of 2018 and showed a fully developed and mature band playing super slick melodic rock that was rich, powerful and full..