Vambo – II (Pride & Joy Music)

I imagine that in secret laboratories across the world teams of scientists are working to crack the enigma of time-travel but they could save themselves a great deal of time simply by buying either of the two Vambo albums and they will find themselves immediately back in the 1970s! Vambo is a British hard rock..

Vambo release new single ‘We’re Not The Same’ on Dec 4

NEW SINGLE "WE'RE NOT THE SAME"RELEASED FRIDAY 4 DECEMBERPRE-SAVE THE SINGLE TAKEN FROM THE ALBUM "VAMBO DELUXE"FEATURING 5 BONUS TRACKSORDER THE ALBUM Vambo's swaggering and powerful self-titled debut recently received the deluxe treatment when it was re-released on Friday 6 November as "Vambo Deluxe" featuring five bonus tracks. The album, released by Goliath Records is available HERE. The second single "We're..

Vambo – Debut Album re-released (Deluxe version)

Vambo are re-releasing their powerful self-titled debut in a deluxe package, amazingly called Vambo Deluxe, with five bonus tracks including a live recording of the Deep Purple classic Burn. The album comes out on 6th November, the single Fast Car is already out, they're both on Goliath Records, via Universal Music. With the addition of..

Vambo release new single Fast Car from re-released debut album

Vambo release their single ‘Fast Car’ today (Friday 2 October). The single is taken from their swaggering and powerful self-titled debut, that will get the deluxe treatment when it is re-released on Friday 6 November as “Vambo Deluxe” featuring five bonus tracks. The album is released by Goliath Records, via Universal Music. The five bonus tracks include “Paradise”, “Mistaken Identity,”..

Vambo Release a Deluxe Edition of Their Debut Album on 6th November

Vambo’s swaggering and powerful self-titled debut gets the deluxe treatment when it is re-released on Friday 6th November as “Vambo Deluxe” - featuring five bonus tracks. The single “Fast Car” is released on Friday 2nd October  The album is released by Goliath Records, via Universal Music and is available to pre-order HERE. The five bonus tracks include “Paradise”, “Mistaken Identity,” “Total..